The Film Kitchen was born out of marrying up two of Natasha’s loves; film and food. Since graduating from a Fine Art degree in 2005 she has been filming food, drink and interiors for production agencies and for hotel and restaurant clientele worldwide. 

“My love affair with food was born out of not only the way it tasted but the way it could look and appeal to the senses. I love going into different restaurants and kitchens experiencing the story and characters behind the dishes. Weekends these days somehow revolve around food; we are either sourcing fresh produce to cook up a feast or looking for new and interesting places to eat”.

Natasha has met many creative people who share a fascination for representing food the hospitality industry through moving image and photography. Natasha’s vision for The Film Kitchen was to draw together a collective of filmmakers, photographers and stylists who share a passion for creating beautiful moments in food.