The Film Kitchen is one of the only film and photography production companies in the UK operating exclusively within the food, drink and hospitality sector. We tell stories about good food, where it's eaten and how it’s made.

We provide a platform for top class talent - our award winning team of filmmakers, photographers and stylists are imaginative and accomplished image-makers. They understand that great results depend on an understanding of composition, colour and light; that emotive images are proven to convert internet browsing into action. 

We work with you to create content for your online platforms that informs, excites and inspires, enabling you to nurture and broaden your client base. That means the difference between someone simply appreciating your story to someone wanting to experience it. 

From restaurants with rooms to luxury hotels we have the experience to create imagery that will make a real difference to your brand.

If, like 90% of businesses, you are going to invest in film as part of your marketing strategy, we know you'll want the best for your budget. We'd love to talk to you about seasonal showcasing, promotional films, engaging "how to" guides or a simple "piece to camera".